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We got an automated buy signal at 2.0003. Our strategy tells us to place a stoploss at 1.9973. We are risking only 30 pips.

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MAGIC BREAKOUT SYSTEM + Professional Forex Strategy
Cut losses and let profits run – this is the way how trade the professionals. Letting your profits run is the only way you can cover the cost of your losses and this is not as easy as it sounds. The emotion of fear comes into play here. The bigger the profit becomes, the more a trader wants to take it. One needs a definite strategy that is easy to follow.
We got an automated buy signal at 2.0003. Our strategy tells us to place a stoploss at 1.9973. We are risking only 30 pips.
The stoploss was moved several times. Our account was growing until the last stoploss was hit.
We exited at 2.0155 and made 152 pips. Reward-risk ratio is 152 / 30, greater than five! Using our safe money management
we opened 8 minilots and we made $1216 dollars in one single trade.

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 Conservative trading
 It’s safe. You risk a small amount of money on every trade. A tiny risk but great profit potential.

More comfortable
  Our colored proprietary indicators make your trading comfortable and exciting.


  Filter bad trades
  MagicBreakout+ strategy provides better filtering of bad trades. Your losses will dramatically decrease.


Magic exit
With our advanced exiting rules you can make thousands of dollars in one single trade. Don’t exit when the market still moves! Catch the  trend and ride. You will be profitable even if you suffer more losses than winners, because one winner can cover ten losses.


Squeeze the trend to the end
Our student Alex Fitz made a phenomenal profit of 5400% in one year. He surpassed our performance several times, so we believed he  was a lucky boy or a pure gambler. We couldn’t accept that it is possible to make such a huge profit from conservative trading. Finally, he revealed his secret and kindly allowed us to publish it at the end of this book. Thanks, Alex!


Just follow the rules.



Identify a perfect trend
With our non-standard approach you can identify the trend better than anybody else. Beware from the sideways market.



Automated entry signal
Our MagicEntry indicator developed for MetaTrader will test the rules for you every time. You will never miss an opportunity or break the rules. This software will make you a lazy money making machine.


Protect your profits
You will learn how to move stoploss and protect your open profit. Some traders don’t know where to move stoploss. They either risk too much, or they are stopped from a winning trade.



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