Forex Invest Bot


Trading style: based on volatility, it opens multiple trades with a fixed lot size attempting to capture trend movements; this EA is the successor of Forex Growth Bot and the trading style is similar with the exception that Forex Invest Bot might open a lot more trades (I’ve seen it exceed 20 concurrent trades) and it uses an improved entry & exit system.
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Timeframe: M15
Price: $197
License: 1 live account
NFA compliance: FIFO only

Birt’s forward test

Settings: default, LotSize 0.1
Started: 17.01.2012
Broker: PrivateFx
Account type: live, micro
Starting balance: $300
Current EA version: 1.3
Note: This EA was in development for a long time. The developer, Eugene, sent me Forex Invest Bot over one year before its launch. Back then, it was v1.0 beta, at the time of publishing this forward test it’s v1.2. I’ve been running it since January 2012 using v1.0 beta with LotSize 0.06 until 29.01.2013 when I changed the LotSize to 0.1 and updated to v1.2.
Edit 31.01.2012: the author confirms that the beta version I used had a somewhat different core logic and was opening more trades than the release version is going to. In order to check the performance of the release version (v1.2) you can analyze the results starting with 29.01.2013.



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